Jae Youn Lee
​​​​​​​Halswell United 1st Team Head Coach

Welcome along as we welcome Cashmere Technical U20s for the final fixture of our New World Men’s Premiership campaign for 2023. We extend our welcome to Adam and his squad and wish everyone all the best.

Last week’s result against Western AFC helped us back into winning ways and we came out victorious. For those that were there on the day, they would have witnessed a debut for 16 year old Josh Dempster, who admittedly on my end, came on a lot earlier than I would have wanted. His inclusion was well justified as his introduction saw him score our first goal of the game in a much deserved first half performance. Second half was more of the same where we had the ascendancy of the game but we just couldn’t finish off our chances. Josh also saw us win us a penalty which resulted in our second goal converted by Patrick Cameron. We hope that this kick fires his desire for more and more at this level.

Heading into this fixture, with both squads carrying quite a young squad, a lot of players have been involved with schools football in their respective Nationals tournaments. We expect Cash Tech like us to have gone through a chop and change sort of week in terms of preparation but with how competitive both squads, we still expect a tough contest on our hands come kick off.

For the last time for 2023, this is an opportunity to witness some scintillating football carried out by young players who have been green through and through. We hope to count on your support to spur the lads on one last time.

Up the Hawks!

New World Premiership v Cashmere Technical Res. - Saturday 2 September

1. Kyle Hodge

2. Josh McTurk

4. Albert Aitken

5. Roshan Khatri

6. Alex Young

7. Leon Houston

8. Aiden Kelly

9. Patrick Cameron

10. Isaac Williams (C)

11. Jacob O’Connell

12. Marcus Brant

15. Jeremy Martin

16. James Price

17. Aseem Kaskar

18. Angus Hamilton

19. Baxter Coughlan


1. Kyle HODGE (GK)

2. Josh McTURK (DEF)

3. Ryan Navickas (DEF)

4. Callum Haisman (MID)

5. Roshan Khatri (MID)

6. Alex Young (MID)

7. Leon Houston (FWD)

8. Jeremy Martin (MID)

9. Patrick Cameron (FWD)

10. Isaac Williams (MID)

11. Idrees Hamid (FWD)

12. Marcus Brant (MID)

13. Jacob O’Connell (FWD)

14. Connor Leath (DEF)

15. Angus Hamilton (DEF)

16. James Price (MID)

17. Albert Aitken (MID)

18. Aiden Kelly (MID)

19. Aseem Kaskar (DEF)

22. Harry Eastwick (GK)

Jae Youn Lee
Head Coach

Nathan Young
Assistant Coach

Paul Kelly
​​​​​​​Team Manager

Megan Patmore

Elite Physiotherapy