Club History

The club was founded in 1964 by Bernie Welch and Noel Hopgood to provide a team for the once rural area of Halswell. 

Since then the club has grown with the community and celebrates a membership of close to 1000 players ranging in ages from 4 to 80 years old with teams for males and females of all abilities.

If you have any stories or facts about the clubs history - please share them with us.

Legends who attended the 2020 function and photo:

Each year we plan to invite and celebrate with legends who have been part of the clubs history as players (at any level) or who have been contributors to the club for a significant time.

If you have been involved with the club for about 20 years or more (don’t be humble) please get in touch and come along to our next function and photo night at the clubrooms.

Dick Tennent 1965

Barry Parker 1990

Terrance Courtney 1966

Tim de Voil 1970

Garth Stearn 1991

Darrell Dermott 1978

Mike Reeve 1975

Anita Hayes 1988

Jenny Carlisle 1983

Piri Paahi  1990

Trudi Squire 1997

Joe Barrett 1968

Darren Jones 1981

Jason Scott 1979

Gary Woodden 1992

Paul Grovsvenor 1976

Dave Prangell 1975

Craig Crawford 1981

Nick Dean 1969

Peter Jensen 1975

Alan Brodie 1971

Noel Hopgood 1964

Chris Lee 1971

Glenn Hoe 1969

Beven Steven 1969

Kevin Clarke 1987