As part of our commitment to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all at Halswell United AFC we would like to remind parents, players and spectators of our Club’s Code of Conduct which is attached below.

We encourage everybody to read it so they understand their responsibilities.

It is EVERYBODY’S responsibility to ensure the safety and enjoyment of ALL participants involved and to respect the game.  (Refer attached Code of Conduct & Mainland Football Code of Conduct)

Also find attached are a number of Policies and Documents that the Club uses as reference points and in its football operations.

Health and Safety Vision

The Health and Safety Vision of Halswell United (& Mainland Football) contains the following priorities:

>> To ensure that all those involved in the sport of football within the Mainland Football Region have a safe and healthy environment in which to compete in.

>> To promote health, safety and wellbeing to players, coaches, match officials, administrators, volunteers and spectators.

>> To take all reasonable and practicable safeguards to ensure the safety within and on all our facilities used within the sport of football.

>> To be the leader of health and safety in the sport of football within the football federations of New Zealand Football.

Other Club Policies: