As discussed at our coaches meeting, team sheets are VITAL! Mainland will come looking for these sheets throughout the season and if we cannot provide these, a fine is applied. You can pre-fill the sheet out with your players and simply write in the date of the game at the top each week. 

Where do I get a team sheet?
Printed blank team sheets are available by the GM Desk in the corner upstairs in the clubrooms, or download one by clicking link below

​​​​​​​How to send in a team sheet: 

1) The sheet MUST be signed by both coaches.  
2) Either post the team sheet in the small white drop box (on the right of the clubrooms entry door) or
3) Drop the physical form into the GM Inbox tray (by the desk upstairs in the clubrooms) or
4) File them yourself at home - but keep them for the whole season incase we need to recall them for audit
If Mainland requests the Team Sheets for audit:
1) You have 7 days to produce a team sheet OR
2) You pay the Mainland fine 
This is a great job for a manager! :)


For all Coaches, Managers and Players.

Game information is sent out on Friday's once it is available.

The ‘Home’ file details all information regarding nets and flags. 

  • All junior and intermediate field nets for Scott Park and Westlake Reserve are at the Halswell clubrooms in the downstairs gear area. Please ensure you take the correct nets for your allocated field. Teams putting nets up, please collect them from the domain. Teams bring nets down please return them to the clubrooms immediately following your game. Corner flags are now in the net bags please make sure you collect them all.
  • We have teamed up with Hornby AFC to share nets this year at Warren park. This means they may be putting them up for us sometimes or taking them down after us. So we have stored them at the ground this year but we havent fully set up the lock system. So until we have a code for you - Hornby will get them out for us and put them away after.

  • Westlake senior nets and flags are at Halswell Domain

  • Warren Park senior nets and flags for them are in the changing rooms at Warren Park. There is no longer a lock box outside as they have been taken down due to theft - the key can now be collected from the Domain off Olivia. 
  • Te Kahu senior nets and flags are at Te Kahu.Key is with Olivia - Keys to the other rooms are hanging on the back of this door.


Please ensure the security of changing rooms when your game is finished. Over the summer, access was gained to Warren Park changing rooms by some undesirables and we had numerous problems at Westlake last season also. Please ensure the lock boxes are never left open. I.e. open to get keys then shut the lock box immediately by jumbling the code and closing the black cover over the combination. 

If playing at Warren Park S4 or Te Kahu S1 in the morning and you have an afternoon game following you – leave the nets up as directed in the nets and flags file attached. However, please ensure changing rooms are locked and all keys are replaced in the lock box. DO NOT leave changing rooms open if there is no team using them.

Please try and keep the gear cupboard tidy and ensure all nets are returned to the correct place (shelf). Do not leave them in the foyer etc. I have attached photos of how it currently looks please ensure you leave it looking this way!

Also Note -  it pays to not leave the wheelie bins that the nets are stored in behind goals once you have put the nets up. Spectators and dog walkers think they are rubbish bins and they become a dumping ground for used coffee cups and bags of dog poo. After putting nets up, we recommend taking the bin back with you to where your team gear is grouped (e.g. half way).

The clubrooms will be open from 8am on Saturday and Bridget will be here to help you find the nets! 

Alternatively you can come between 3pm and 5pm Friday to collect them.

If any fields are missing pegs, Velcro straps etc please do your best this week and email and we will rectify for next week.

We would love it if you would share how your team went on the Hawks Facebook group in the comments below the weeks fixtures! You can find the group here -

We recommend all coaches and managers download the Mainland Football app or check the Mainland Football website for any late ground changes. Later in the season when weather becomes more unpredictable, ground changes can happen late on Friday afternoons so what you see at the beginning of the week may well change.