As discussed at our coaches meeting, team sheets are VITAL! Mainland will come looking for these sheets throughout the season and if we cannot provide these, a fine is applied. You can pre-fill the sheet out with your players and simply write in the date of the game at the top each week. 

Where do I get a team sheet?
Printed blank team sheets are available by the GM Desk in the corner upstairs in the clubrooms, or download one by clicking the button to the right ~~~~~~~>

How to send in a team sheet: 
1) The sheet MUST be signed by both coaches.  
2) Either post the team sheet in the small white drop box (on the right of the clubrooms entry door) or
3) Drop the physical form into the GM Inbox tray (by the desk upstairs in the clubrooms) or
4) File them yourself at home - but keep them for the whole season incase we need to recall them for audit
If Mainland requests the Team Sheets for audit:
1) You have 7 days to produce a team sheet OR
2) You pay the Mainland fine 
This is a great job for a manager! :)


Results have to be entered by an administrator - so you MUST text the result of your game before Sun 5pm.

Please text your results to the RESULTS PHONE: 022 622 0329
*Please be advised this phone is not for inquiries only results, if you have issues, contact one of the HUAFC team not this phone

Please make the job for the administrator easier by:

  1. Sample Text: HU 10 Seasprites 7 VS CTFC 10 Black 0 WIN (please add the win, lose, tie at the end)
  2. Sending in the texts on game day, as soon as you can
  3. Giving the administrator until Sunday evening to put results in - if you don't see them on Goalnet yet, please be patient. 

If you see an incorrect result - please email  to alert the admin team! We will fix as soon as possible.